Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blackened Chicken Anti Pasta with Broccoli and Pepper Jack Cheese

So ladies and gents,
This is my Blackened Chicken Anti-Pasta (or something like that lol)

I started out with chicken breast tenderloins and but those in half so they weren't so long

Then I took Oregano, LOTS of Black Pepper, Season Salt, Garlic powder and some Rep pepper lakes and mixed that in a bowl so all of it is evenly distributed.

Then I covered the chicken with my spice mix.

I put a little bit of oil in my pan and fried up my chicken.

After that I steamed my broccoli and shredded up my pepper jack cheese.

To make a sort of pasta substitute, I cooked up some onions and peppers with some chopped garlic. (I cooked them in butter)

When the Peppers and Onions became translucent (soft and flimzy) I added my marinara sauce and heated it through.

Then, once you plate everything, you're done.

(most of my cheese went on my broccoli but I did sprinkle some over the rest)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day Nine (Breakfast, Lunch, and a walk in the park!)

Breakfast- Day 9 (August 14th, 2012)
-Atkins Day Break Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar = 2g Net Carbs
-Atkins Day Break Creamy Chocolate Shake = 3g Net Carbs
-Total = 5g Net Carbs (15g Net Carbs remaining for today)

Lunch- Day 9 (August 14th, 2012)
-Atkins Meal Replacement Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar = 2g Net Carbs
-Atkins Day Break Creamy Chocolate Shake = 3g Net Carbs
-Total = 5g Net Carbs (10g Net Carbs remaining for today)

     After my boyfriend and I were up for a little bit we decided to head down to the park and walk around the trails. We were out there for about 45 minutes.

(We spotted this guy while we were at the park)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Update (as usual I failed, but not epicaly)

So, this week on the Atkin's Diet was a fail. But, I guess it wasn't a complete fail. I did lose 3 lbs. I guess the first few days that I actually stuck to the diet made me lose the weight, but the rest of the week I absolutely failed. Ate cake, drank soda, etc. Actually I pretty much ate everything that I wasn't supposed to after the first 3 days. It is very hard for me to stick to something and this week I was not prepared for this diet. This next week there will only be diet friendly foods in my house and I will NOT be drinking soda. I tried to give it up last week and ended up with extreme headaches from lack of caffine. I guess I will be drinking more coffee than usual till I can ween myself off of this caffine addiction that I was not aware of. Anyway, got a new laptop yesterday so I figured I'd fill you in. Now that I have my own laptop I will be doing more blogging and videos so stay tuned my friends. There is deffinitely more to come!!! <3