Monday, August 13, 2012

Update (as usual I failed, but not epicaly)

So, this week on the Atkin's Diet was a fail. But, I guess it wasn't a complete fail. I did lose 3 lbs. I guess the first few days that I actually stuck to the diet made me lose the weight, but the rest of the week I absolutely failed. Ate cake, drank soda, etc. Actually I pretty much ate everything that I wasn't supposed to after the first 3 days. It is very hard for me to stick to something and this week I was not prepared for this diet. This next week there will only be diet friendly foods in my house and I will NOT be drinking soda. I tried to give it up last week and ended up with extreme headaches from lack of caffine. I guess I will be drinking more coffee than usual till I can ween myself off of this caffine addiction that I was not aware of. Anyway, got a new laptop yesterday so I figured I'd fill you in. Now that I have my own laptop I will be doing more blogging and videos so stay tuned my friends. There is deffinitely more to come!!! <3

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